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error playing any video on YouTube

Hi all, put simply, I search a topic in Google, switch to video and attempt to play and I get this black screen with an error. I uploaded the screen error as seems simpler to do this way. This happens in Edge and IE in a new 1709 Windows 10 build. I say new because I just re-installed windows - problem persists.

As silly as a problem this seems, I cannot get around it and driving me mad so any help appreciated.
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Senior Systems Administrator
I would first start with disabling all your extensions first then try it again. If you have something like video downloader it can mess with playback.

RaminTechnical Advisor

Please open this page by your browser and screenshot the page and post it here.

is it possible to give us that Youtube link which you are not able to play ?
RaminTechnical Advisor
Check if you have Flash Player and make sure it is Enable.

Make sure Windows is fully updated.
Try updating your graphic card drivers and check if that fixes the issue. Visit the manufacturer’s website and install the drivers.
Hello ThereSystem Administrator
Distinguished Expert 2018

Try another browser with actual Flash Player installed.

Try to play this video from any other device to exclude an error on your device.


Hi both, sorry for the late feedback.

I also had a problem playing Minecraft for windows 10 on both my laptops. And neither would play youtube. I linked these as something not right with media codecs etc. I discovered i had Windows 10 N version on both machines. I tried the Media pack for Windows N, but that didn't work. So i deployed a non "N" version to both laptops and everything started to work. Thanks both. Hope points split is share?
RaminTechnical Advisor

Thanks for  update.