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When should cols use which parameter (xs, sm, md)?

Thank you!!
Bob SchneiderCo-OwnerAsked:
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Marco GasiFreelancerCommented:
Those parameters affect the way your  website will appear in extra small, medium, larger and extra larger displays. I'll try to use an example to be more clear.  
 Suppose you have 3 divs. In a large displays (a notebook or a desktop computer) you might want they are horizontally aligned in one row, so you'll use col-lg-4. But in a smartphone I would be better those divs be aligned vertically and occupy the available width of the display so you'll add the class col-xs-12.
This way the div will look
<div class="col-xs-12 col-md-4"> </div>

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In extra small and small displays the divs will extend up to fill the display (or their container div) width; starting from medium up to the largest displays they will be horizontally aligned.
Hope this example be clear enough :)
Bob SchneiderCo-OwnerAuthor Commented:
Very helpful.  Thank you!
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