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I have a WSUS Server and mapped many Servers to it. However few Server the Group Policy did not apply as we found the problem servers were mapped with different Group Policy.

So we would like to take a report of each server to identify which Group Policy is applied on the server. So my requirement is to identify the Group Policy Name that the computer is reporting for Window Update. I need a Group Policy name alone, so we will change the Server settings in Group Policy.

Can we achieve this by any tools, Power Shell Script or by Querying any Registry Key ? I have 800 computers on which the Group Policy name for Windows Update to be identified.

Please help.  I have googled many and did not get a proper answer what I am trying to achieve this.
Venkatesan TAssociate ConsultantAsked:
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AlanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:

It will pull all the GPOs applied to a machine.

You would then collate and pull out whatever info you want from it.

Run GPResult /R on your machine (domain admin credentials) and you'll see an example.

AlanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:

You can run gpresult against each machine:

GPRESULT /R /S Machinename

Open in new window

That will tell you what GPOs are being applied to each machine.

Venkatesan TAssociate ConsultantAuthor Commented:
. I need a group policy name that is applied for Windows update on each machine. does this command pull only the windows update group policy name on each computer ? pls confirm so would give a try.
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