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Rename a Backup domain controller?

We just setup a backup domain controller (server 2016) that's about to take place of the primary which is a very old machine (Server 2008).  Everything is in place so all we have to do is pull the primary and change the IP of the backup to the same as the primary from what I've been told.

We have some shared folders on the primary and will be transferring the data over to the new domain controller.  The shares are already set on each PC through the path of the server name and not IP.

So the question comes in, can we rename the backup domain controller to the same as the primary when we do this switch, so the paths don't have to be redone on all the machines?  Or will this throw something off with the Domain settings?  There's about 25 PC's so just hoping to save a step by touching them all.  Thanks.
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Olgierd Ungehojer

8/22/2022 - Mon
Cliff Galiher

Don't change the IP address or rename domain controllers. Bad things happen. Usually better T migrate data or use a temp DC to introduce a new one with the right name and IP after decommissioning the old one. I recommend the former approach. But the latter works in a pinch.
Olgierd Ungehojer

You can use DFSR to transfer data to new host and share it. Old domain controller has to be demote when your new data and domain is synchronize with second domain controller. If you have DHCP server on old domain controller I would disable it and run this feature from new server. Do not worry about old IP because you will update your network using DHCP. Prepare your GP that you will able to use cmd or RDP on workstations to run some script etc. If you will use DFSR to share data and you will map network drives, workstations will connect to first available server. This link shows an idea how to do a part of this job.

Olgierd, we've already done the active directory migration and DNS records have been copied and it's all set as the backup domain controller.  We don't use DHCP, we assign statics so that part isn't a worry.
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.
Olgierd Ungehojer

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Thanks Olgierd!  Best help I've had so far on this task.
Olgierd Ungehojer

Thank you, there will  be a lot this kind of jobs when Windows Server 2008 will be not supported anymore by Microsoft from January 2020.