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Abraham Deutsch

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Recommendation on a printer / copier

I am look for a printer but should also have a copier. My concerned 1- in general MF (I don't need scan and fax) are slower and lass quality then a printer 2- The bast I found was this one but I don't like the manule feed try (it only taks one copy at a time and has no support for the payper) plus brother even in qulity thy are bast rated but the body is cheep.

Any idea of a solution you can offer?
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Aaron Tomosky
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Xerox phaser is inexpensive and works well as long as you don't need to auto load big stacks. Ran two in am office for a few years without issue. Now if you need color, that's a different story...
Usually for copier functionality, scanning capability is needed.

What capacity of paper, feeder of pages, print pages per minute.
Wired, wifi  color, black and white, inkjet, laser?
Dimention of device?
Brother has an mfc printer, scanner, copier with a feeder wired and wifi option no fax.
The Brother DCPL2540DW  in Amazon your link has an ADF (automatic document feeder) and will scan 30 pages per minute. This is clearly stated on the Amazon page:
Fast high quality printing and scanning at up to 30 ppm with automatic duplex
The data sheet confirms this. The ADF holds up to 35 pages.

The Amazon specs are a little misleading: the "automatic duplex" applies to printing, not to scanning. It will not automatically scan both sides of duplex documents.
I recalled that you have asked a similar question last year.

"A printer but should also have a copier" will mean that the printer will normally be a scanner of a MFP also.

So, what MUST be different for your new purchase? size? speed? or something else?
Hi Abraham,
I don't know of any printers that also copy, but do not scan. The very nature of making a copy means that you have to image the source document, so anyone making a printer that can copy is also going to have it scan, since scanning is required for copying — would be silly not to market it as a print/copy/scan device (and, of course, some manufacturers include a fax feature, although there are multi-function devices without fax).

As Jackie pointed out your question from last December, I gave you some recommendations there from my personal experience — all for Brother MFCs, which have served me well for many years. The new MFC-L8850CDW that I mentioned in that thread is now a year old and working great. One point I can add to that thread is a purchase by one of my clients of an HP LaserJet Pro 200 Color Laser MFP (model M276nw):

He bought it three years ago, loves it, and it is still going strong. Of course, it is now considered obsolete, and Amazon shows the HP LaserJet Pro All-in-One Wireless Color Laser Printer (model M281fdw) as the "newer model" of it:

Regards, Joe
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Abraham Deutsch


@Aaron Tomosky A link to a model you are referring would be a help

I don’t mind having scan and fax, but pointed out if a model does not have it that I don’t have a need for it

B/W /Standard letter size paper /Laser /No need for wifi

Dimension, the more compact the better.

@hdhondt what I am need is fast print speed which will be most used for. Fax/scan will not be used little use for copy.

@Jackie Man my main focus in that quotation was issues with scanning. Vr in this q I am looking for a printer with copier option but still the best printing options available on an mf (scan is irrelevant in this case)

Joe I will have a look on your recommendations in previous pots (as I responded to hdhondt the scenario and what I am trying to accomplish is different from that post – and to make it clear, the multi-function usably give lass performance on the printer then a printer only especially on speed, but since the main focus in this case is the printer I asked for help on a mf that will still give fast printing speed and..)

Sorry for the late response I just returned from the UK was there over the weekend but left my phone and laptop cord in my car in the airport parking lot so I had no access to the internet
So it looks like the xerox phaser 3xxx series was the black and white and they are all EOS. I have no experience with the 6xxx and 8xxx color ones.

The b/w mfp replacement looks to be this one
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Thank you for your help
You're very welcome — happy to help. Good luck with your selection. Regards, Joe
Hope the printer works well for you. And, thanks for the points.