Error Saving File "Someone else is working in..." Windows 10 Office 2016

We have a number of users with a number of laptops running Windows 10 and Office 2016. If a user opens a file from the network whilst connected to the LAN via a cable, then picks up their laptop and goes elsewhere in the office (moving onto the WLAN) then when they try to save the file they get an error saying that "Someone else is working in..." the file.

We have done some testing and found the following:

*The WLAN and LAN are on the same subnet

-If the file is opened on the LAN, then the machine moves to the WLAN and tries to save it, they get the error
-If the file is opened on the WLAN, then the machine moves to the LAN and tries to save it, they get the error
-If the file is opened from the network on the LAN or WLAN then *openfiles.exe* in cmd shows the file as being open on the file server by that user
-With the file open, the user then moves onto the LAN or WLAN respectively, *openfiles.exe* in cmd no longer shows the file as being open on the file server
-Another user can then open the file and save it as normal

This testing proves that this is either an Office problem or a Windows 10 problem.

Has anyone seen this issue before and managed to solve it? Our users move around a lot in the office so we are keen to see if there is a resolution for this.

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AlanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Firstly, I cannot imagine ever doing that - it just seems like such a bad idea, but .... users eh!

If they are insisting on doing that, I would just tell them not to plug in the ethernet cables (or even remove them entirely) and just use the WiFi.

Panagiotis ToumpaniarisConnect With a Mentor System EngineerCommented:
Or save and close the file before changing network.

Anyway, did you use openfiles on the server or on the client?
CT08Author Commented:
Thanks for your responses. This was our initial solution, which was just to use Wifi. I was just wondering if anyone had come across this and found a way around it.

I used openfiles.exe on the client to query open files on the file server to see if the file was open on the file Server when the error was on screen saying that someone else was working on it. It did not appear as an open file on the Server.

The reason they were doing this is because their Wifi is terrrible on site, for which we are currently in the process of supplying a brand new wireless solution.

Thanks for your responses.
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