Remove level of an array

Hi experts,

I need to change an array from this
array to alter
to this:

     [KCL P] => Kent county League Premier division
     [IRC 1] => Bill Manklow Inter Regional Challenge Cup 1st round
     [IRC 2] => Bill Manklow Inter Regional Challenge Cup 2nd round

Any help appreciated.

Colin BrazierAsked:
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Pawan KumarDatabase ExpertCommented:
Please try this -

$1DimensionalArray = array_map('current', $2Dimensionalarray);

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 $1DimensionalArray  = array_reduce($2Dimensionalarray, 'array_merge', array())

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Colin BrazierAuthor Commented:
After I removed the initial numbers from the array names,
$1DimensionalArray = array_map('current', $2Dimensionalarray);
    [0] => KCL P
    [1] => IRC 1
    [2] => IRC 2

$1DimensionalArray  = array_reduce($2Dimensionalarray, 'array_merge', array())
    [comp_code] => Other
    [comp_desc] => Other

Other is the last option in each case.
Julian HansenCommented:
This should do what you want
$x = array(
	array('comp_code' => 'KCL P', 'comp_desc' => 'Kent county league premier division'),
	array('comp_code' => 'IRC 1', 'comp_desc' => 'Bill Manklow Inter Regional Challenge Cup 1st round'),
	array('comp_code' => 'IRC 2', 'comp_desc' => 'Bill Manklow Inter Regional Challenge Cup 2nd round')

$n = array();

foreach($x as $i) {
	$n[$i['comp_code']] = $i['comp_desc'];
echo "<pre>" . print_r($n, true) . "</pre>";

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Colin BrazierAuthor Commented:
It does - thanks Julian.
Julian HansenCommented:
You are welcome.
Colin BrazierAuthor Commented:
There might be a few more array questions coming up, I'm really struggling
Julian HansenCommented:
Post away and then PM me
Colin BrazierAuthor Commented:
Will do, I think I've made some progress though.

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