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stored procedure how to pass parameter value in sql server 2012

Exec Igen_SP_DedupeSearch '<ROOT><Dedupe PerMobile  = '+ @m_PerMobile +' /><Dedupe PerAMobile  = '+ @m_PerAMobile +' /><Dedupe CorrMobile  = '+ @m_CorrMobile +' />
                    <Dedupe CorrAMobile  = '+ @m_CorrAMobile +' /></ROOT>','Custinfo'

how can i pass value @m_permobile values in xml.
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Pawan Kumar
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thanks jj :-)
thanks jj
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To put it other way, you cannot pass an expression "a + b" as a parameter.

In this case, assign a + b to c and then pass c as a parameter. Hope it helps!