Archive Office 365 mailbox from the admin portal or a Powershell

I know you can Export any Office 365 mailbox to a PST file, however we would like to archive the 365 mailbox to a PST file from either from the  Security and Compliance on the amin portal, or by a powershell. It must archive the mailbox and remove the contents so we can remove that account.
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
So what's the difference between Export in Archive in your case? Simply do the export and delete the account, or remove the license. You can purge the items if you want, but there's no point in doing this if you are going to remove the account anyway. Here's how, just in case:
Kindly review if the discussion on the below link helps
swan_solutionsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Vasil for your reply,

From what I can see Export takes a copy of the mailbox. Archive removes emails off Office 365 to a PST file.

I forgot to put some additional information in the original statement.

We may need to archive and remove Email between two dates and leave the rest in the mailbox.

In another case we may need to archive off all the emails, but preserve the data structure and rules. So exporting the mailbox and then purging it by deleting it is not ideal.

However link you have posted may have the answer. I'll try this later.
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Archive does not remove messages to a PST file, that's the "client-side" archiving functionality. What Archive means in the SCC is moving messages to a separate, "Archive" mailbox, attached to the primary one. Those messages can still be accessed by the user from Outlook or OWA, there are no PST files involved. It works with the so-called "retention" policies in Exchange, that can automatically move messages to the Archive mailbox, or delete them if needed:

For removing specific messages, eDiscovery search and delete is your best option, check the article I linked previously.
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