Multi-domain Distribution List Scenario

Complete newbie to on-premise Exchange 2013, so please bear with me...

We have two domains.  Each domain has a distribution list with the same name.  So how does Exchange 2013 know which distribution list to resolve to?  Where is that configured?

I ask because we recently created the second distribution list in domain 2, migrated everyone over to domain 2, and now we want Exchange to resolve to the second distribution list.  However, it is currently resolving to the first.

Thank you for your thoughts!
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Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:

The issues you have is same name,
while the name is exactly the same, the email address get changed.

1. so if the old DL is not in used but you need to keep, then move the X500 email address from the old DL to new DL immediately solves this.

2. if not, then ask all users to clear the outlook name cache and type in the DL email address instead of the name.
A Q ChoudaryJunior Linux EngineerCommented:
This can be done through Ad, we have same kind of system and scenerio and migrate only in ldap, ldap is for open source ad for windows

hope you get answer
alopez2Author Commented:
Thanks, Choudary.  Hoping someone else will jump in and provide more info...
A Q ChoudaryJunior Linux EngineerCommented:
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