TSQL Parse SOH (Start of Header) Control Character

In SSMS, I'm trying to query then parse a column whose text value contains SOH delimited string values.  From SSMS they appear as tab delimited but I don't think they are.  When I copied the data from SSMS into Notepad++ it is returning as an SOH (start of header) control character.  This one singular columns contains 87 string values separated by an SOH.  Any ideas on how to parse this data into it's own column?  Thanks in advance!

Example of the data in Notepad++
Example of the data in SSMS grid
KANEDA 0149Asked:
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put this at the beginning of that line in Notepad++

select replace('

place this at the end of the string

','soh-here',',') as x

then copy one of the actual [soh] characters where indicated just above.

then copy whole line into a query window and execute (or here: http://rextester.com/l/sql_server_online_compiler )

did it replace those characters?
KANEDA 0149Author Commented:
Wow PortletPaul, that actually put a comma delimiter in the query results.  Now I just need to create the parsing to columns using the comma delimiter.  Thank you!
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