dont have permission to access the share

Win 10 peer to peer there is a share on a C: Drive that now cant be accessed.

The PC acting as servers op sys was reformatted  - all data is ok annd all other PCs can access the shares except for one

Poss reasons or fixes?

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JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
What I do (because of increased Windows security) is put the user name and password on the machine Windows 10 is trying to map. Set it up as a user and in Drive Sharing add this user. That should work.
CESNetwork AdministratorCommented:
How many machines are connecting to this system?  Windows desktop OS has a max connection limit of 20 inbound connections.
Hi John,

Can I check what you mean?

Let's refer to the machine where the data is stored as 'PC_FileStore' and the machine that the user is physically at, as 'PC_Desktop'.

If UserA logs into PC_Desktop as, say, PC_Desktop\UserA, would you create a user on PC_FileStore matching that user?

If so, would it be PC_FileStore\UserA and have the same password as PC_Desktop\UserA ?  Is that correct?


feck1Author Commented:
John Hurst > I saw that trick being used for a network printer shared from a PC. A windows user thats sole reason is to log onto a share.
It worked then.

OK onsite soon and have a extra arrow in my bow now to try if all else fails

Will report back.
Hi Fek1,

How did it go when you went back onsite?

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