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Unable to modify DG from Outlook Client

We are running Exchange 2010 and just found out that users are unable to modify a Dist. Group from Outlook client like they were able to do in the past.  We have a user that would like herself and her team to modify email groups and from what I have read since 2010 they feature is off by design with in the Outlook client.  Back in the day (its been awhile) we use to choose a group in Outlook and modify the users in there no problem but after Exchange 2010 that feature throws an error which I have attached.  I was doing some research and there are workarounds but we want to know what Microsoft suggest we do to allow a group of users to modify DG again with in Outlook.  I am sure many others have ran into this and wondered if they found a easy way to allow this again.  We don't want to give these users to AD just to make the changes.
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