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A client has a separate construction site in the next state in a trailer. Both locations have broadband service.  They were asking about "video conferencing" between their meeting room for 10 people with 1 or 2 people at this remote site.

This would be once in a while, maybe 2 times a month for an hour at a time. At the main office they do have a 50" TV on the wall.

I looked on line for a documenting a spectrum of options but came up empty. That at least is what I envision is available?

I could see the low end being that they could use a laptop's webcam fed to the TV on the wall. Maybe spin the laptop sitting in the center of the table around to see the person speaking. And at the construction site, they could use a laptop with camera.

And the upper end could have several cameras that can be turned and zoomed, mics around the room and better quality speakers.

Does anyone have advice on options, prices and how to help them decide what they need and want?

Thank you.
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In these types of situations it is best to simplify things. Mainly if they have to setup a laptop or TV each time and they are not technical savvy it come back to you for help. It would be best to find a device that will allow for video and voice in one. Like this High-quality video conferencing device, you plug it in and connect to each other. Of course there are many other options out there depending on your budget and having experience on trying the laptop projection route it turned into a tech nightmare. :)

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