Why are emails still going to junk email folder?

I have a couple of users where email is still going to their junk email folder even though in Outlook I have the settings turned off.
We have email that comes in through Mimecast where it is filtered for SPAM.  The mail is then forwarded to Rackspace where our mail is stored.  Then the outlook client connects to Rackspace through Exchange settings.  We have a few users (maybe 10 out of 150) that still get mail that goes to junk folder.  I've tried every setting i can find, web access, outlook junk filters, iphone, ipad...  There should be nothing set that has mail going to junk folder.  I want everything that makes it through to go to the users inbox.  I never want anything to go to junk.  Please let me know any thoughts...
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
You need to change the settings for their mailboxes on the exchange server:
Or, they may be able to do it if OWA is available:
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Are they using IMAP or POP accounts?
What version of Outlook is it?
What version of Windows?
gbohrmanAuthor Commented:
No we are using Exchange connector.  Most people have email on multiple devices.  2 particular in question have MACS with Office 2016 but they also have iPads and iPhones they use with mail and a PC with Windows 7 and Office 2013.  All the obvious settings for junk filtering has been turned off.
gbohrmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks Davis, we use Rackspace for our Exchange hosting and sadly they were no help with this.  I knew there was a setting in Exchange but couldn't convince them of this.  Their tech support is minimal at best.  I did not know of that setting in OWA.  Once I turned it off from there the junk email stopped going to that folder and went right to the inbox like i wanted.
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