Passing windows credential into wsadmin scripting

Niranjan Chandrasekhar
Niranjan Chandrasekhar used Ask the Experts™
I have taken a jython script which checks for the Application server, Node status and mails it to the admin if anything is stopped.
The only issue I am having is that for running the jython script, I have to pass the username and password either through command line or through prompt, when running the script through wsadmin.
I would like to get this automated such that, the script automatically picks the windows credentials.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.
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HonorGodSoftware Engineer

There might be ways to programmatically obtain / use the windows credentials, but I am not aware of them.
One problem that comes to mind in doing so would be that ... if a script could extract the username and password of the active user, then this would be an enormous security exposure...  Imagine of that code were inserted into a malicious application that obtained this information and communicated it to some remote server...  very nasty indeed.

I would consider having the information in some kind of external storage, or even have the script prompt for the user and save it in memory until it was needed.  

Hopefully that makes sense, and is of use to you.

Good luck.
Instead of extracting the windows username/password, what I meant was, probably running a batch process which automatically executes this jython script (taking the credentials from the service) and goes on to run this.
The reason we need this is we plan to automate this script and run it on a scheduled way. We don't want the password to be present in plain text anywhere in the system.
Software Engineer
Is the application is going to run as a Windows service, then have the service log in using the appropriate credentials (i.e., username & password) on the service panel.

That's how I would do it.
Suhas .Senior QA Manager

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