RDS: 2016 Which Roles minimum configuration

If deploying a small RDS environment, can all roles exist on one server?

If not, which role(s) must exist on another server?

I have heard Licensing Services Role should exist on another server, perhaps a DC.  Also I have heard Broker Server Role too (on the same DC)?

What would you recommend?
Thank you.
K BAsked:
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
You can, from a supportability standpoint, put them all on one server.  Now whether you SHOULD or not is another question.  It works. Microsoft supports it.  I'd not usually do that though.  I think of session hosts just like I do client machines.  They shouldn't run server workloads and thus I wouldn't install server/infrastructure roles on them.  So even a small deployment would usually be 1 server with RDCB, RDWA, RDGateway, RDLicensing, and one server with just RDSH.  Then you scan scale to many RDSH servers before needing to worry about the other server hitting load capacity.

What I would *NOT* do is put any of those roles on a DC.  I am a purist. DC's are the keys to the kingdom and *any* role that increases the amount of code (and thus the risk of an exploitable bug/flaw) is to be avoided.  I'd run all RDS roles on a single server before I'd load any of them on a DC.
K BAuthor Commented:
Thanks Cliff,

in the short term, we are going to load all roles on one 2016 server.  We might changed that down the road.  Can I use the quick start deployment without any issue of moving the roles later?
Cliff GaliherCommented:

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