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Windows 2012r2 VHD with wrong size.

I have a physical HDD of 1 tb, I add (somehow) a VHD of 2tb, (sorry newbie here), now I remember somewhere saying that I could do that (add a HDD bigger than the actual size of the physical).
Now my VHD apparently has reached the point to max out the 1 TB, and of course I cheated the VHD to 2 tb, so my problem is now that I had to add another HDD and somehow let Hyper V that it can use this other physical to compensate for the missing space and I have no idea what to do...
So to recap since I know is confusing:
1 physical HDD of 1 TB, I create a Virtual HDD of 2.0 tB (bad idea and I don't even know how I did it)
The VHD has now reached the 1TB and can't save anything else but thinks has 2 TB.
I added a 1 tb physical and need somehow to tell Hyper V, "Hey this space is for the missing 1TB your missing"

I'm so screwed, can somene help me please.
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You can't really do what you want.  Hyper-V has no such capacity to spread a VHD across multiple disks.

*WINDOWS* can do this in 2012. It is called storage spaces. *BUT*  you can't do this after data is already on the disk. You have to plan storage spaces with empty disks.

So your situation right now is to move the VHD to a larger disk. Or remove data from the VHD so it doesn't keep growing, and then migrate the data to a smaller VHD, probably on the new disk.
Maurice Loucelit admin


I think I will close this and re-open with the correct question, THANKS Cliff, I'm learning little by little.
Maurice Loucelit admin


Will open question about "storage spaces" which the correct way..