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FullCalendar event link

I'm using the fullcalendar and working great, but I want to give the user the option to goto two different url's when pressing the event on the calendar. Right now I have it going to the url listed, but I would like them to beable to choose a link for the description and maybe a link to go back where they created the event. I hope this makes sense. Again when viewing the calendar and you click on a event you might have a drop down that says Details and one that might say edit.

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Can we have a context - a link, some code - somewhere to start.
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Here is the link to the calendar you can and an event url but I would like to add a drop down on the event so you can choose multiple url's
I am still not 100% sure on the requirement - the link helps but I need to understand why you need users to have a choice - can you not simply just load two events on the day?
I need the ability to go and edit the event or view the event or certain details about the event. I have a form that is filled out to create the event then the calendar is populated from a database, so I want to beable to view the details about the event or click edit the event. I hope that helps.
Not really - the plugin renders out a calendar based on the data you give it - which can include JSON sources (and multiple of them).

The editing aspect I would imagine is something you do through a form, update a database and then have the calendar pull the data from the DB to render the changes.

From your question it sounds like you want FullCalendar to do that for you - or am I missing the requirement?
Let me try and explain better. I want the ability to give the user looking at the calendar and clicks on an event the ability to view the detail of the event (that I currently can do), and also the ability to edit the event. So when the user clicks on the event in the calendar he will be present a dropdown saying view details and one that says edit details.

Having a buttons into the cell this can become clutter...
To avoid this you can add JS click event on the event then view the details and have a edit button into the popup.

or another way is to have the editable item clickable from a popup / or from a div if you don't like popup

Here is a way to add a click event directly on the even from the calendar
This is allow to edit by the item / event ID  
when you click the item it open a popup and you can edit the event title
This is just an example you can adjust to your needs

This will required some Ajax & PHP to save the updated value in DB.
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