How to print a Question or an article from EE

My OS is win 10 prof 64 bit and I have the Office 365 suite.  From time to time there are some very informative articles or solutions on EE, and I would like to ask the Experts what is the best way to save them to read them offline.  For instance how do I save the article on Risks of Bitcoins - Don't Get Virtually Mugged by Terry.  And of course there are links in the articles to other articles which I would want to follow thru.  What is the best practices for this.  Thank u for your inputs.
Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAsked:
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I sometimes add them to my EE knowledgebase.

To do that, click the three dots (...) icon at the bottom of the first post, and click the icon that looks like Pocket's logo (presumably a pocket!)

That will then be added to your knowledgebase which you can access by clicking on the suitcase icon in the top right.

Alternatively, print the article, maybe to PDF, and save on your own storage.  That way if EE changes or disappears, you will still have it, and eventually everything does disappear - Alta Vista 'owned' search, MySpace 'owned' social media, Novell 'owned' networks, NetScape 'owned' browsers, Apple has 'owned'... well lots of stuff, but are serial 10 percenters I guess, .....

Jackie Man IT ManagerCommented:
The best way to print is to use Chrome or Internet Explorer and select the content you want to print and in the lower left part of your print dialogue, change the print option from "all" to “selection" only.


You can submit a feature request to add a print button and a printer version of this forum.
Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
Hi Jackie,
The forum already has a print button. Unfortunately, due to EE's horrible decision on UI, it is hidden under the three horizontal dots at questions and articles:

EE print
I submitted a bug report on this a year ago:

My concern at the time was the MyPKb icon, but, of course, it also applies to the Print icon. Kyle said that he captured my feedback for their teams, but, alas, here we are a year later, and no change — someone at EE must think that awful UI is a good thing — hard to fathom!

Hi jegajothy,
Alan is spot-on! Click the icons that I show in the screenshot above to either add it to MyPKb or print it. And, of course, "print" it to a PDF print driver to create a PDF file. Regards, Joe
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Actually, I have to admit, it took me ages to spot the Print and MyPKb (nice acronym Joe) icons too - I must be getting old.

Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
It's not going to be formatted the way it should but you can always hit CTRL-P button and print on default printer, or save to PDF if you have installed PDF printer,

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Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
> It's not going to be formatted the way it should

Yep! That's the problem with a straight browser-based Print, which is why the Print icon is so important (at many other sites, too).
Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAuthor Commented:
Just a suggestion, may be EE could install a Print button, either to print the Question and its answers or an article. Regards.
Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAuthor Commented:
Probably EE could install a Print butt for the Question and the replies and solutions, so that one can keep a hard copy.  thank u.
Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
Hi jegajothy,
Just a suggestion, may be EE could install a Print button, either to print the Question and its answers or an article.
You must have missed the earlier posts — EE already has a print button for both questions and articles (including the comments), but you have to hit the three horizontal dots under the question or article to expose it (see my screenshot in post #a42362070). I "printed" this question to a PDF print driver using that button and attached it to this post. Regards, Joe
Lucas BishopMarketing TechnologistCommented:
Being that you want to save all of this for offline viewing, including the off-site links that are part of the solutions:

Safari has a built in "reading list" feature that saves pages for offline viewing:

Pocket is a great app that offers the same functionality through other browsers (if you don't use Safari):

In either case, whatever page you are looking at, you simply click a button in the browser to add it to a list of saved pages that are viewable offline.
Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAuthor Commented:
Thank u Lucas, it is really what I want but I do hope EE will catch up. regards
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