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Migrating VMs across vCenter from 4.1 to 6 .

Brahmjeet Singh
I have one vCenter at New York location running with two 4.1 hosts and approx 70 VMs. I want to move these VMs to my other vCenter in New Jersey running with 4 Esxi Hosts on version 6x with 30 VMs.

What can be the best possible plan to migrate the VMs and later add the hosts if required?
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Firstly your ESXi 4.1 hosts are NOT compatible with vCenter Server 6.x. To add them to a vCenter Server you will need to be at least on 5.0.

You can check here using the Matrix


Back to your VMs, methods of Migration are

1. Export and Import

see my EE Article

Part 10: HOW TO: Backup (Export) and Restore (Import) virtual machines to VMware vSphere Hypervisor 5.1 for FREE

2. VMware Converter and create a V2V

HOW TO:  P2V, V2V for FREE - VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 6.1

HOW TO: FAQ VMware P2V Troubleshooting

I would actually recommend Vision Solutions Double Take MOVE

HOW TO: Migrate physical, virtual and cloud based workloads with real-time replication to VMware vSphere (ESXi) using Double-Take MOVE

3. Upgrade to a support version of ESXi, if hardware supports the version of ESXi.