How to put password on Ms Office docs and computer

Windows 10
1- How do I install password to get into computer?
2- How do I password Excel, Word and Powerpoint docs?
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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
1. do you mean the admin password? If so, see Pogostick
Ryan ChongSoftware Team LeadCommented:

2- How do I password Excel, Word and Powerpoint docs?

Password protect documents, workbooks, and presentations
the best and easiest is to install a bios password - then nobody can boot your system without the password
so don't forget or loose that password

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David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
2. Password protecting documents has to be done on a file by file basis
You may want to use the EFS (encrypting file system), don't lose your certificate or you will lose the ability to access the file.
You might want to use a 3rd party encryption tool i.e. Veracrypt, create a veracrypt container and then put your sensitive documents into this folder.
David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
enough information to confirm an answer
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Windows 10

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