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Writing value to a control in Masterpage from a child page.

I have a label control in my Masterpage and I would like the  text property of tab I click in the child place
assigned to the label in the Masterpage. Please show example.

 <ul class="tabs" id="thistab" runat="server">

                <li class="tab-link current" data-tab="tab-1" id="tab11" data-toggle="tab"><a href="#Person">Personal Info</a></li>

                <li class="tab-link" data-tab="tab-6" id="tab16"><a href="#Info" data-toggle="tab"                <li class="tab-link" data-tab="tab-2" id="tab12"><a href="#Assign" data-toggle="tab" title="Assignment History">Assignment History</a></li>
                <li class="tab-link" data-tab="tab-3" id="tab13"><a href="#Issues" data-toggle="tab" title="Issues">Issues</a>


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Julian Hansen
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Generally this would be

$('.tab-link a').click(function() {
  // either
  // $('#idoflabel').html($(this).text())); OR

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Change the .label-target to the id of the target label or a class associated with that label
Just a note on Master / Child pages. This only has meaning in the context of the server-side C# code. There is no distinction between master and child content once the HTML arrives in the browser - there is just one flat page.
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Thanks. It's not changing it on click. How would I call this script?
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Thanks for explaining a lot of this question. It just show you're expertise in the area
You are welcome.