Mac Bluetooth keyboards and non-Mac devices

Is it possible to pair  Mac keyboards with other devices, such as Android tablets or Windows computers or are they exclusively set to be pair with Apple devices?  

My co-worker said that they only work with Apple devices ... ... but wasn't the idea of Bluetooth that they should work with any device, especially mice and keyboards?
Massimo ScolaAsked:
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:

Not sure what you mean by "Would it be technically possible to make it only pair with a certain brand in the first case?"

Do you want to limit the Apple Keyboard or are you asking if this COULD be done by a manufacturer?

Remember that bluetooth devices can 'pair' with a few devices so it might be worthwhile completely clearing all the pairings .. power off and on and hold the on button for a period to clear all the pairings .. more detail here.

I'd also suggest making sure there are not other bluetooth enabled PCs in the area which may be paired with that keyboard as that can confuse things.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Your co-worker is WRONG.

The Apple Bluetooth keyboard WILL work with Windows OS.

HOWEVER the keyboard layout in terms of the WINDOWS key and APPLE key are slightly different but he main alphanumeric keys are identical and work fine.  A bit of keyboard remapping will resolve the other keys if required.

Same goes for the Apple Mouse .. it can pair and work with Windows but all of the touch-interface features on the mouse are NOT supported in Windows as Apple do not provide Windows drivers ... but it still works as a point & click input device.
Massimo ScolaAuthor Commented:
That's what I thought... He cannot make it work with a Mac .. so I asked him to make it work with a Windows computer to see whether it's the Mac or the keyboard.

Would it be technically possible to make it only pair with a certain brand in the first case?
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Massimo ScolaAuthor Commented:
What I meant was ... can Apple set up their keyboards to only work with Apple computers?
Is there such an option in the Bluetooth stack?

Thanks for the link - that did the trick.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
There is the option to create Bluetooth devices which only work with a specific driver which in turn works only on a specific OS or even specific hardware.  In terms of keyboards however it would make little sense to do such as thing as they use fairly standard protocols.
Massimo ScolaAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot for the solution and the background information.
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