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How to transfer "Fax" call on mistakenly called on company main phone number?

A W asked

I have a question regarding ShoreTel Director setting.
We have about 100 DID numbers and we use "Hunt Groups", "Routes Points", and other settings.

Recently, we receive a number of fax calls on our company main phone number.
For now, we check the history of calls and check on the internet for the company's phone number.
Then, we call the company to inform that it is not the fax number, but it is our company main phone number.

Is there any settings on ShoreTel Director to transfer the fax call to the correct fax number?

I appreciate if you can tell me step by step process for this setting.

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Unfamiliar with shoretel, but what you are looking for in its options is the ability to detect whether the incoming call is a fax at which point you would direct the fax to the mailbox/voicemail voicemail to email.....

The other, when hearing the tone of fax, to quickly forward the call to the fax extention. But often it is unlikely to be quick enough or that the remote side will not see the .....

Personally, I think the path you choose to lookup who is trying to send the fax and calling, might .........
I.e. Unless your firm erred and published, handed out business cards with the wrong number for a fax number, identifying how it is faxes are being sent to versus who is facing to the wrong number.
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See if the following something available to you, https://support.shoretel.com/kb/view.php?t=Fax


Hi arnold,

Thank you for your valuable advice!
Either directing the fax call by extension setting or ShoreTel Sky Fax setting sound good! I think I will try both ways to see which ways work best for our company!                            

You have a wonderful day,