Changing RDP Screen Settings

I had this question after viewing ASA5505 RDP session screen resolution too high.

I connect through RDP to a Windows 2008R2 server. The screen resolution when checking on the RDP session matches the setting of my local workstation. The ICON's on the RDP session are very large and when I go into the Display setting the message the I cannot change the screen setting in a remote desktop connection.

How can I alter the setting on my remote desktop session?
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Andy MInternal Systems ManagerCommented:
Check your DPI scaling on your computer. (

I've seen this cause issues with Remote Desktop before if it's set to anything but 100%.

Alternatively if it's just the desktop icons you should be able to highlight them, hold down the ctrl key and use the mouse wheel to shrink/grow them in size.
The option is RIGHT THERE TWICE in the screenshot, it's the "Make text and other items...." link (obviously, you need to click this INSIDE the RPD session, but if you click on your own desktop, you'll probably notice the slider is to the left on your desktop, and to the left inside the RDP).
DBBurnsINAuthor Commented:
Cntl scroll worked after highlighting with cntl A.

On the other suggestion to click on the remote desktop display properties Make text the same line also was restricted on remote sessions.

Thanks for the help . So simple it's embarrassing.
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