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Getting data back into the OLEDBDATAAdapter's system.data.datatable from OraOLEDB.oracle

Hi! To avoid going via a OS file, I want to write my Oracle script's output directly to the OLEDBDATAAdapter system.data.datatable from Oracle OraOLEDB.Oracle.

When I send a regular SELECT...someting from the data connector, it is returned fine. However, I need to do some additional tweaking after that, so I am using a procedure and some additional code in my sql-string to achieve this. Creating an OS-file and send the result out there this way works fine, so the SQL-code executes as it should. But rather than doing that, it would be much more convenient and secure to do it directly into the system.data.datatable of OLEDBDATAAdapter. The calling software (Blue Prism) has methods to handle that input directly from the returned table.

Can anyone give any advice as how to achieve this? As you probably understand, this isn't my main area of expertise :-)

Thanks for any help!

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