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new wsus server for windows machines is not detecting any computers

Hello all,

We have a new WSUS ready for our Windows 10 machines. But the server is not showing any clients.
But when we look at the registry on clients windows update wsus server is there.
Any thoughts?
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WSUS does not ever detect clients (nor does it "push" updates, instead, clients detect and pull). WSUS is completely passive, it just lists what clients have reported. So normally, the issue is at the client side.
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shyam pothini


Its not listing the clients, we manually tried to update clients and they never showed up in WSUS
What happens while you detect at the clients?
Also, please download the trial of wuinstall and tell me what is its output when executed at the client?
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aravind anche
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You say "New" , meaning you had a different one prior ??

If that's the case it's best to delete the windows update/wsus registry entries and let them repopulate.

have you tried running on them

wuauclt.exe /resetauthorization /detectnow
we are missing port number in GPO