Outlook 2013 - How to remove duplicate emails?

We imported emails from backup to a users mailbox a while ago, this inadvertently added tons of duplicates. The users has since moved emails into different folders. How can we find and remove duplicates regardless of which folder it is in?
Scotch TechITAsked:
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Lindsey SmithConnect With a Mentor FreelancerCommented:
Hello Scotch,
If you want to remove duplicate emails from Microsoft Outlook 2013, then you can refer this article.


It explains both manual and automated solutions to remove duplicate items. You can opt for the one, which best suits your requirements.
Bill PrewCommented:
Some great discussion and solutions to this problem in this prior question.

Edit:  Should have paid more attention - see my and other options in the link Bill posted above.

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Jerry FreyIT Commented:
You can remove the duplicates emails from Outlook with the help of Manual method or Third Party tool like Stellar Outlook Duplicate Remover. You can check the below references for more details:

Lucas DawsonTech ReviewerCommented:

Here i would like to suggest paid tool to remove Outlook duplicate items as manual method is not that much successful with large email database. With this tool you have great options through which you can filter out your required emails like on the basis of subject, sender's email address, text or by dates.

Jessica KCommented:
Hi Scotch,

While searching solution for your query, I came across an informative article discussing manual approaches to delete duplicate emails from Outlook in a hassle-free way. I am sharing the link, please read the steps and perform carefully. It will surely the issue.

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