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Where to find RAID controller drivers for Server 2012R2 for a HP dl360p G8 - p420i is the controller

EDITED Update:
It appears I am looking for the drivers for the Raid controller for the HP server for Server 2012 Stadard R2.
HP dl360p Gen8
p420i is the controller.

-Original post-
Need to find where these drivers are located.
New Seagate 12G, 10k, 900gig, SAS drives.
Almost new server and RAID was set up on these drives from the server array utility just fine.
Installing Server2012 Standard R2 requires the drivers.

Anyone know where they can be obtained?
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noxchoIT Product Manager
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But all the links are dead.
I am aware of how to inject the driver but I need the driver.
Using SmartProvisioning was also a no-go. While browsing for the files for install they could not be seen by the utility's file explorer.

Those are the topics touched on in the referenced solution.

I need to find a location to obtain the driver itself, not know how to inject it.


Close enough, thanks very much!

Was looking for the .inf or .sys but I can extract friom an .exe, so still viable.
Much appreciated.
noxchoIT Product Manager
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You are welcome.
Take care.