Get active wireless network name in MS Access VBA

thenelson used Ask the Experts™
Any suggestions for code to get active wireless network name in MS Access?

BTW: I tried:
the code didn't work.
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Sagar Khatalstudent

set access permission
>set access permission
I don't understand
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I'm not sure why that answer was accepted in the thread you linked to.  The code doesn't compile.  The GetWirlessName function is missing.  I tried fixing the spelling error but that didn't fix the issue.
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I found the answer at:
The first listing of code on that page starting with:
Option Explicit

Private Const DOT11_SSID_MAX_LENGTH As Long = 32

The function:
returns the name of the active wireless connection.
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I forgot to warn you that running Access on a wireless network is dangerous.  Access cannot gracefully recover from network interruptions and they happen frequently on a wireless network.  If they happen at a "bad" time, your BE will be corrupted.
Thanks for the warning but Access is not running on a wireless network. We have two computers running Access each running locally which run a home grown replication routine several times daily to keep the data in sync.  I wanted to know the name of the wireless network to allow activation of routines I only want to run at our office location, not at home.
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I didn't test the code so I don't know if it returns all available networks or just the network you are connected to.  If it is just the network you are connected to, then you are running on a wireless network and linking to a Jet/ACE BE over wireless is extremely dangerous.
Nope, as I said, i am not linking to a BE over the network. There are separate BEs local on each computer and I created a replication routine outside of Access that runs several times a day to keep the two BEs in sync. The routine I created is designed to handle network dropouts and I tested it extensively. It has operated flawlessly for about 15 years even if I turn off the computers in the middle of the run.
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That's fine.  Since you were asking about wireless networks and Access in the same question, I was just trying to clarify for future readers that running an Access app on a wireless network is dangerous.
I found the answer on anther service.

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