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Can't se other computers on the network?

Hi experts,

I have 5 computers setup in a small network with a server. On some computers I'm able to see all the other computers and on some I can't?
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William Miller
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Do you have Network Discovery enabled on the computers you can't see the others from? This is a common cause of the issue if not.
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Yes I do
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Olgierd Ungehojer

Check firewalls settings.
ok Olgried, will do that.
Firewall is good. So three is 5 computers and 1 server.

Computer one can see all of them
Computer two can see only 2 or 3
Computer 3 can see none

Then later computer one can only see one computer
Computer 2 will see all of them

It's intermittent and all computers are identical
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Olgierd Ungehojer

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Ok let me double check all that thank you
Hi Olgierd,

 Ok, what I did notice is that when I put the mouse cursor over the network icon on the lower right of the screen some computers say Network 3 , network 4 . cmcinc.local . so how can I change for all of them to say cmcinc.local? I think that may be the issue. The server says cmcinc.local
Thanks for your help.