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Getting An App To Display An Icon On The Left-Side Of Toolbar

Hello Again Experts -

This shouldn't be too difficult. I've been fooling with the task bar tray so that it displays the icons I'm interested in.

However, I have some how managed to eliminate the behavior that allows minimized apps (like Outlook) from showing a icon on the left side of the task bar. Right now the icon appears in the system tray on the right side.

Sounds pretty basic. I'm trying to configure a new computer, so I'm delving into an area where I rarely go.

Thanks to whomever may help.

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8/22/2022 - Mon

In Windows 10, most apps now go on the right side. Outlook has two modes. If set to hide on minimize it will go on the right side. Right click on the Outlook icon in the taskbar to see this behavior. If Outlook is set to NOT hide on minimize, it will go on the left side. Most Office apps, if minimized, go on the left side. One Note goes on the Right Side and so it goes.

Hi John -

You've helped me before. Hope everything is well with you.

My problem this time is in Windows 7.

Normally if an app (Outlook) is launched, when you wish to minimize it - my computer is not displaying the icon.

This is made strange because every other app (Word, Excel, etc.) correctly minimizes and displays an icon on the left side of the Toolbar. I think they call the "Quick Launch") area.

I've no doubt  found myself in this pickle by inadvertently changing some estoteric value when trying to configure the items that "System Tray" on the right side of the Toolbar should display.

Baffled. This is a new computer for me and I am just trying to configure it.

Thanks for responding.


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You get the prize, John.

It seems that Outlook was already being displayed in the System Tray on the right side of he Toolbar. When I hide it the desired behavior to minimize Outlook on the Quick Start side was restored.

I spent 2 1/2 hours trying to figure this out. Often when we have to explain our respective plight, it serves to create to ideas.

I thank you for your help.
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John, if they awarded you $1000 for every problem you solved, you would have to be here!

Thank you for your kind compliments and I am always happy to help you.