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URGENT - moving public folders subfolder to another folder structure lock proxyaddress

We have a very large folder structure in our Exchange 2010 SP3. Main top level folder called Jobs has 22400 folders in 5 main subfolders and one root level public folder like this

All are mail enabled

looks like this

All Public Folders
JOBS (top level PF)
   Jobs 0-9 (subfolder)
   Jobs A-D (subfolder)
   Jobs E-L (subfolder)
   Jobs M-R  (subfolder)
   Jobs S-Z (subfolder)

because we are trying to move PFs to Office 365 we are running into 10k limit of how many subfolders top level PF can have

so we want to break this up in 5 Top Level PF like this

All Public Folders
  Jobs 0-9
  Jobs A-D
  Jobs E-L
  Jobs M-R
  Jobs S-Z

so each top level PF folder will be under 10k

when I started moving some of the folders to test to the top level folder it lost its mail enabled configuration, when I re-enabled, it created a slightly diff alias adding "1" to the alias like this

original 2pk-01@domain.com new 2pk-011@ as if the original alias is still there in AD.

So this is a huge issues as we have many thousands of folders we need to split up in 5 groups and fixing this manually is not an option

So how do I move a those subfolders so it retains mail enabled status so I don't run into the process generating a new email alias.
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