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Rohit Bajaj
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I have to give a knowledge sharing session. Need some help and presentation topics...
Mainly i work on java side... web applications spring framework.
Some thing related to that or any other computer science topic will also do.
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Your post covers a huge area so it is hard to suggest something with precision.  You are a programmer so you could tell them about a basic project design.

Lay your presentation out this way:

Today I am going to tell you about programming in Java. I am going to cover three points:
1. First point
2. Second point
3. Third point.

With respect to point 1, blah blah blah

With respect to point 2, blah blah blah

With respect to point 3, blah blah blah

Today I covered three points with you.
1. First point
2. Second point
3. Third point

Thank you for your attention and if you have any questions I can answer them or please see me.
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you see to be doing a lot of work on rest apis with GitHub.
why not present how you integrated with GitHub?

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