I stopped unexpected Windows 10 update. How to block Windows 10 update permanently?

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While checking out the user's Windows 7 Pro laptop, I checked off the Definition Update for Microsoft Security Essentials.  When I started the update after the selection, I saw a message on the Windows Update that Windows 10 was being downloaded.

This person doesn't need Windows 10.  

I don't know why this appeared.  How can I block it?
For now, I've changed the setting to Download but let me choose whether to install them.

I would prefer automatic installation of important updates, but I don't want Windows 10 to auto-install.

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Get GWX control panel and set it to stop Windows 10


That works. I have it running on my own Windows 7 VM used to help people with Windows 7.

Be aware that all new computers are Windows 10 only. Windows 7 is on its way out and as good as dead now. I did use it for several years and it is a good system, just old and no longer secure.
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Left click on my computer >> Organize >> Folder and search options  >> View >> and make sure to check Show hidden files, folders, and drives.
Click Apply and OK.

Go to your main Windows drive (C:) and you'll now be able to see if you have the $Windows.~BT folder. If the Windows 10 download has already completed, checking the properties of the folder, you'll notice it's taking between 3GB to 6GB of your local storage.

If you can see  $Windows.~BT folder on the root of C: then follow these steps:

Open Control Panel and navigate to Programs and features, rom the left pane click the View Installed Updates link.
Uninstall  these updates: KB3035583, KB2952664, and KB3021917.
If you're asked to restart, simply click to do it later and continue uninstalling the updates.
Reboot your computer.

Hide Windows 10 updates to prevent them from installing again:
Open Control Panel, go to Windows Update, and click Check for updates.
From the left pane, click on Important to view those updates.
look for the updates which mentioned above, right-click on them, and click Hide update. This last step will block the Windows update service from re-downloading those updates .

Reclaiming your storage space:
Open the Run command and copy paste: cleanmgr /sageset:11
Hit the Enter.
While in the Disk Cleanup utility, click the Clean up system files.
Select the Temporary Windows installation files.
Click OK to complete the cleanup.

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