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if I disable ipv6 will it cause a problem on my network?

if I disable ipv6 will it cause a problem on my network?
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Only if ipv6 is the only protocol your network uses.
No it will not cause damage (assuming IPv4 is working as suggested above), but it is pointless to remove it as keeping it does not cause any issue. Just leave it there.
Disabling IPv6 has caused problems for many people in the past.  I do not recommend it unless you have a good reason to do so.
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I would disable it if and only if it's causing issues to begin with, but bear in mind the warnings that Shaun has posted. In business environments I've worked on, it's tended not to matter.
It has not caused problems on our client machines or servers. If it is causing you an issue, perhaps post what the issue is.
To me this falls under the catagory "just because you can doesn't mean you should" - There have been sporadic questions here where the problem was someone who disabled IPv6 because they weren't using it - only they were, they just didn't realize it.  Take Shaun Vermaak's comment to heart and don't do it just because you think you can.
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Thank you