Android App Similar to Locker


Need an app similar to this one:


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Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Install Outlook for Android and make Outlook for Android as Android Device Administrator of your phone. Of course, you need to create a Microsoft account to sign on the app if you do not have one.

Outlook Device Administrator
There is a risk of screen overlay detection which will result in making all your apps not working.
Jackie ManCommented:

Try the one above.

Technically speaking, there is no tool which can do what you want as if someone has stolen your phone, the SIM card will be removed and there are tools which can prevent the phone to be located by any security software.
oaktreesAuthor Commented:
Hi Jackie!

Wanted something that will wipe the phone after X number of incorrect password attempts.  Know of anything other than Locker that will do that?


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