Powerpoint 2010 generated presentation with action buttons not working on Android

Slideshow skips a frame before action button pressed
Paul TomanyAsked:
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Jackie ManCommented:

Amazon AppStream 2.0 will work but it should be pretty expensive.
Jackie ManCommented:
PowerPoint for Android is a limited version of PowerPoint and most features of PowerPoint 2010 on a Windows PC are not there.

If you want action button, you need to pay for a remote app service for a connection to a real computer or virtual desktop with PowerPoint 2010 installed.

Paul TomanyAuthor Commented:
Hi Jackie, i appreciate your swift concise reply. A remote app service sounds fitting for my problem in this instance,  are you able to recommend one i could look into and gen myself up with?
Many thanks,
I think it *should* work, and I'm sure if it doesn't, the folks at Microsoft would like to review. Can you send me the file to test? echo at echosvoice dot com
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