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how to check The event viewer in Redhat Enterprise Linux 6.6 for a specific time

mu3tasem asked
Hi ,

we have a redhat  enterprise server version 6.6 , this server goes down(power off)  at specific time. we want to review the events happened only at that day when server goes down  .. like how we check in windows

what is the commands needed to check and how to specify the day needed

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Tail /var/log/messages
You have to search
ls -l /var/log/messages*
It will have   the date the file was last updated, so you need to look within the file dated after the event you are looking for.

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Look to see whether there was a logged in session when the system powered off.

Is this a physical or virtual system?
If it is virtual, make sure the issue is not a result of host automatic backup that shuts down the VM before the backup, but forgets to turn the VM back on.

What is the interval that this happens?


it is physical system .

We are not sure about the interval as it happened early morning .. once we noted that application and DB are off we powered the server manually and accordingly the app/DB..

we want to know if the power off was by a human mistake or power issue as this the only server had this issue
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Start with
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Look for reboot.

What server make/model sone have hardware logs that you could access I.e. Dell, hp, IBM have their respective openmanage, insight, director that you could look at the hardware log and it would indicated when the os booted, as well as make sure the outage was unrelated to power loss.

The discovery in the morning ...

chkconfig --list |grep -i power
To make sure powers is not being started.