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Exchange 2013 remote commands hanging in Exchange managmet shell.

ottenshx asked
Hi ,

When i use a command in the exchange managment powershell all commands will be okay and set.
But as i use a command that needs to get his data from another Exchange server outside the main side then it will take 15 minutes to get some. Vica versa its the same.
Example but not limited to:
Get-MapiVirtualDirectory | ft server, *url*

But when using just Get-MapiVirtualDirectory -Server myservername its there instsant.
What can this be ?
No idea where to start.
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Hi ottenshx,
What is your sever memory?
How is the connectivity between Exchange and AD?
Exchange get these details from AD.
These you have to consider.

Try to get other server details from this server.
i.e. From server1 try to run this command Get-MapiVirtualDirectory identity <server2> | ft server, *url*


Thanks. its also a bit due to slow lines.