Enabling Scripting For Certain Websites Leaving Scripting Disabled For The Rest In Win 7 iExplorer

Hello Experts -

I have found that if I don't Disable Scripting (in Internet Options), that displaying web content in Internet Explorer is extremely slow - making many sites almost unusable.

Generally speaking, they freeze up or the scroll bars get stuck. I often get messages that say "web site is not responding" and iExplorer will then display a "recover webpage" button. The latter just reloads the same page to drag the experience anew.

But there are a few sites that are exceptions, if I idisable scripting as the default behavior via the setting in Internet Options. These sites are worthless without scripting.

So, is there a way I can get iExplorer turned to allow scripting for a few pre-defined sites - leaving scripting disable for all the rest.


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David S.Consultant & Challenge SubduerCommented:
Go to Internet Options ==> Security ==> Trusted Sites ==> Sites and add the sites you want to allow JS for. Then, if you haven't already done it, go to Internet Options ==> Security ==> Internet ==> Custom level and, near the bottom, disable Active scripting (what IE calls JS in the settings).

I also recommend you make sure that you're using IE11 and that you have a good reason for not using Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera instead. The NoScript extension for Firefox is great for this.

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gbmcneilAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input Dave. What I ended up doing was categorizing the websites that I refer to again and again - as either "script intensive" or not "script intensive".

For those sites that don't seem to be hampered by script, I've pre-programmed desktop icons to use IE 11.0. And, for those that appear dragging or totally paralized, I pre-program the icon links using Chrome.

There seemed to be no other alternative.

Thanks for your input. I am going to considered this case closed.
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