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The Symantec endpoint client program can't open

Dear Expect,

Yesterday, user reported to me, she couldn't open Symantec endpoint client but every one could  open it.
One of the error message of policy settings not allowed
open it.
If I give it local admin, she can open it.
What policy not allow open it?
Please help!
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Olgierd Ungehojer

I would recommend to remote to this workstation and check, because I never had situation that user cannot open SEP.
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No permission.
If you dont have any permissions set for SEP then try re-installing it over the existing install and see if that fixes the issue.

No permission.
As in prompts for a password?
Use the Symantec Manager to push it out again to this problem workstation.

Do you say above that you have no permission to remotely access the problem workstation?
My question is why the SEP cannot open by the uset?
The others ate OK.
Opening SEP requires the user to OK the UAC prompt.

For this problem user / computer, make a new, test, Windows User Profile (Account). Log into the new Windows Account and see if SEP opens that way.
I try login another user profile.
Same result.
Since the issue is unique to one computer and another user profile also does not work, you need to back up the computer and reinstall Windows.
Except reinstall window, any advice?
No. You have exhausted the other possibilities and you know the Windows User Profile is damaged
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xman san

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