How to create a br-lan in Raspberry?

MichaelBalack used Ask the Experts™
This is using raspberry. Basically, there is this eth0 (ethernet port), lo (loop back), and others. We want to create a bridge (br-lan) using eth0 interface. How shall we configure?

Please see the attached IP-related results.

Thanks in advance.
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System Architect
Just to be clear, you need 2 ports to create a bridge, so I suppose you want to bridge eth0 with one of your wlans?
Which linux distro are you using?
If you are using Raspbian which is debian based, you can follow the official debian guide here.
There are guides for other distros too..

Hope it helps,
Panagiotis ToumpaniarisSystem Architect

No more info from author should be solved.

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