Replicate Rule of Conditional Formatting

Is there any macro available to replicate a Rule of Conditional Formatting?

Let's say currently I got 3 rules in a selection/workbook, how can I replicate the first rule (green background with yellow font, or whatever) and become the 4th rule?

Or in another word, use macro to read the Conditional Formatting Rules, and create a new Rule? Any ideas?

Thank you.
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
You can do this via is a guide from Microsoft.
Side Note : I have found personally that the FormatCondition is a bit sensitive so add in your code
On Error Resume Next

Open in new window

I know its a bad practice but lets say that it will bypass many FormatCondition  hiccups
trowaAuthor Commented:
Hi John,

Not too sure if that worked in Excel but in the article, it mentioned:

This article applies to a Microsoft Access database (.mdb) and to a Microsoft Access project (.adp).

Thank you.
trowaAuthor Commented:
I think I solved it by simply select the cell then copy and paste to another cell, and it's working fine to replicate the rules. No VBA code was involved!


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trowaAuthor Commented:
No longer need a macro solution.
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