Mailx command not working from one sudo ID

Few days back any mail related command ( mailx, mail ,mpack  ) stopped working from one sudo id .
in the logs i get error as dsn=5.6.0, stat=Data format error
but this happens with only one sudo ID-sudo1@my_hostname
another id -sudo2 works fine with any of the mail command

sudo su sudo1
mailx -s "Test mail" someone@example < /tmp/test.file
/home/sudo1/dead.letter... Saved message in /home/sudo1/dead.letter
where from=sudo1@my_hostname
message fails to sent

sudo su sudo2
mailx -s "Test mail" someone@example < /tmp/test.file
where from=sudo2@my_hostname
message successfully sent and received.

Not getting why with one prefix it is sent and other fails ... ?
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Panagiotis ToumpaniarisSystem ArchitectCommented:
The mail server is on the same machine? Can you see in the logs (/var/log/mail*) if there are entries concerning this failure?
lishaAuthor Commented:
yes they are on same machine ...
and i only found syslog /var/log

cd /var/log
ls -l mail*
mail*: No such file or directory

ls -l sys*
Panagiotis ToumpaniarisSystem ArchitectCommented:
which mail server are you using? If you are using sendmail then you are right, the logs should be in syslog under the LOG_MAIL facility.
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lishaAuthor Commented:
yes we are using sendmail...
Jan SpringerCommented:
Perhaps it's not a sudo mailx issue but a sudo permission issue for that file in the tmp directory.
lishaAuthor Commented:
the file has 777 permission on it ... we thought so initially ... but it did not work
Jan SpringerCommented:
Have you run strace?
lishaAuthor Commented:
as i said earlier we were able to send the file using another sudo id .. sudo1 is not working but sudo2 is
Jan SpringerCommented:
I read what you said earlier and obviously this is broken otherwise you would have asked for help.  Have you run strace?
lishaAuthor Commented:
nope not able to run it as it gives error
strace mailx
ERROR: unable to open /dev/log

not having permission
but the log last update date was Mar  4  2014
lishaAuthor Commented:
sorry (Jan Springer) if u felt i was rude earlier .... but i am exactly not getting what have happened ... as nothing has changed from our side
Jan SpringerCommented:
grep sudo1 /var/log/maillog*
lishaAuthor Commented:
we have syslog ... since we use sendmail ... not maillog*... i could paste you the content of that if u like ...
Jan SpringerCommented:
Sendmail uses syslog and typically writes to maillog.

What is your OS?  What version?  Does it use selinux?
lishaAuthor Commented:
my OS is sun solaris ... version SunOS 5.10
Jan SpringerCommented:
Try running that command with "truss" instead of "strace"
lishaAuthor Commented:
ran the command with both sudo1 and sudo2 id for mpack
truss mpack ...
but no diff in any thing between the both id...
russ -c mpack
An input file must be specified
mpack version 1.5
usage: mpack [-s subj] [-d file] [-m maxsize] [-c content-type] file address...
       mpack [-s subj] [-d file] [-m maxsize] [-c content-type] -o file file
       mpack [-s subj] [-d file] [-m maxsize] [-c content-type] -n groups file
syscall               seconds   calls  errors
_exit                      .000       1
write                     .000       6
open                     .000       6       1
close                     .000       5
getpid                   .000       1
execve                  .000       1
sigfillset               .000       1
getcontext          .000       1
setustack            .000       1
mmap                 .000      26
munmap            .000       8
getrlimit              .000       1
memcntl             .000       6
sysinfo                .000       1
resolvepath        .000       7
stat64                   .001      18      12
fstat64                  .000       1
                     --------  ------   ----
sys totals:              .003      91     13
usr time:                .004
elapsed:                 .040
Jan SpringerCommented:

sudo su - sudo1

strace mailx -s "Test mail" someone@example < /tmp/test.file
More /etc/syslog.conf to see whether you are dumping mail.* to /dev/null
/var/adm/messages might contain mail related error, refer to syslog.conf

You might have restrictions mailx is a graphical,
echo "To: somerecipient
From: sender
subject: test

This is a test" | /usr/lib/sendmail -oi -fsender_email -t

See what happens
lishaAuthor Commented:
hey .. i tried using truss to check with mpack ...
the only diff that came is ..
/home/suod1 => truss mpack -s "`date '+%m%d%y'` TEST MAIL" -d /tmp/test_mail_msg1.txt -m 6000000 /tmp/test_mail_attach1.csv ""
    Manu(8:40:14 AM):execve("/usr/bin/mpack", 0xFFBFE794, 0xFFBFE7BC)  argc = 9
/home/suod2 => truss mpack -s "`date '+%m%d%y'` TEST MAIL" -d /tmp/test_mail_msg1.txt -m 6000000 /tmp/test_mail_attach1.csv ""
 execve("/usr/bin/mpack", 0xFFBFE794, 0xFFBFE7BC)  argc = 9

Manu is one of the users present in the server .. but does not have the sudo access ...
Jan SpringerCommented:
This is not copy/paste?
lishaAuthor Commented:
yeah ... was a copy paste error ... now i see the first diff comes here..
stat64("/usr/bin/mpack", 0xFFBFE258) = 0
stat64("/usr/SUNWspro/lib//", 0xFFBFD9B8) Err#2 ENOENT
Jan SpringerCommented:
You probably need assistance with someone that's familiar with Solaris.   I'm sorry but the debug does not help me.
truss -f if you want the display to follow any and items that get triggered as a consequence.

Check sendmail configs in /etc/mail whether you are explicitly permitting/authorizing users..

I doubt the issue is with the client,  /var/adm/messages and/or look at /etc/syslog.conf to see where mail.* events are directed to...

ps -ef | grep sendmail

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lishaAuthor Commented:
thanks !! the mail was getting blocked as id was blocked... now the id is unblocked... everything seems to be fine ..
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