ASP.NET vs ASP.NET Core course / technologies?

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I am wanting to ultimatly learn ASP.NET core and have found the following course.

I am looking at this as just an intro type course. To give me an idea of it before going deeper.

I am comming from a C# / Winforms background with no web. To give you a perspective of my knowledge set.

Anyway what I am wondering is how much this would be wasted (if anything) on a learning journey to ASP.NET core.

From what I can see is ASP.NET runs on windows and .NET core can run on other OS besides windows. However what about *all* the rest.

Is ASP.NET Core a superset of ASP.NET. Still has MVC? Do both have angular?


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I have no idea what ASP.NET Core is (except that it is cross platform). However, I don't personally believe there is going to be any wastage as such, as MVC is a concept and except minor implementation details (such as dependency injection way) there is not going to be a huge paradigm shift. At least not anywhere near that you will notice from web-forms to MVC.

Having said that, personally, I would discourage you to do any paid course. You do have an option of exploring several videos on YouTube on the subject.

In addition, you can register for DevEssentials program of Microsoft and get about 3 months of free access to both Wintellect and PluralSight. Think about that too.

Hope it helps!
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.net core is a subset of .net with the windows specific components stripped out. mvc and angular don't depend upon .net of any kind.
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Hi Ward.

ASP.NET Core is indeed a really exciting technology, but you need to take cognizance of what your target deployment environment will be. So without getting too technical too quickly, the gist is this.

If you want to write applications that target Windows, macOS and Linux, use .NET Core.

The following image summarizes it well:
.NET CoreThis image was taken from an article written by Immo Landwerth, and is a great primer, so consider giving it a read. .NET Standard - Demystifying .NET Core and .NET Standard.

.NET Core: This is the latest .NET implementation. It’s open source and available for multiple OSes. With .NET Core, you can build cross-platform console apps and ASP.NET Core Web applications and cloud services.

Start by creating and running a Hello World console app (I use PowerShell on Windows, but this will work equally well with Bash on macOS or Linux):
With .NET Core, you can simply go:
$ dotnet new console -o hello
$ cd hello
$ dotnet run
Hello World!

Open in new window

This code sample is taken from Immo's article above:

At the end of the day, you need to decide what the best option is for you. What I would do if I were in your shoes is tackle it in the following way:
  • Learn to use ASP.NET MVC
  • Learn to use ASP.NET Core MVC
Coming from a Winforms background, get the basics of ASP.NET MVC under your belt before checking out ASP.NET Core. Check out Scott Allen's blog Ode to Code and definitely, definitely, definitely (I can't stress this enough) check out Scott's excellent Pluralsight courses. These courses are guaranteed to jump start your adventures into ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core and web development.

Lastly, I almost forgot to mention: Choosing between .NET Core and .NET Framework for server apps
Use .NET Core for your server application when:
  • You have cross-platform needs.
  • You are targeting microservices.
  • You are using Docker containers.
  • You need high-performance and scalable systems.
  • You need side-by-side .NET versions per application.

Use .NET Framework for your server application when:
  • Your app currently uses .NET Framework (recommendation is to extend instead of migrating).
  • Your app uses third-party .NET libraries or NuGet packages not available for .NET Core.
  • Your app uses .NET technologies that aren't available for .NET Core.
  • Your app uses a platform that doesn’t support .NET Core.

Stackify also has a great article.
.NET Core vs .NET Framework: How to Pick a .NET Runtime for an Application


Thanks some great reading I am going to post a some new ASP.NET core questions.


Fantastic help thanks to everybody

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