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Powershell html report of usage C-drive


I have an html report which shows CDrive usage of a server as red when over 80%, yello when between 70 and 80 and green
when other value.

It works fine except for some occasions, f.e. when 90% it shows green.

Hope example is clear. Please advise howto correct.


#Get C-Drive percentage
		$volC = Get-WmiObject -Class win32_Volume -ComputerName $Computer -Filter "DriveLetter = 'C:'" | Select-Object -Property @{
        Name       = 'C PercentUsed'
        Expression = {
          '{0:N0}' -f  ((($_.Capacity - $_.FreeSpace ) / $_.Capacity)*100)

#Get overviewtable	  
		$Result += [PSCustomObject] @{ 
		CDrive                = $volC.'C PercentUsed'
		$CDriveAsPercent = "$($Entry.CDrive)%"
#Make the html
		Foreach ($entry in $Result)
		  # check C: Drive Usage
          if((($Entry.CDrive) -ge 80) -or (($Entry.CDrive) -eq 100))
            $ComputerHealthOverviewFragment += "<TD bgcolor=red align=center>$($CDriveAsPercent)</TD>"
          elseif((($Entry.CDrive) -ge 70) -and (($Entry.CDrive) -lt 80))
            $ComputerHealthOverviewFragment += "<TD bgcolor=yello align=center>$($CDriveAsPercent)</TD>"
            $ComputerHealthOverviewFragment += "<TD bgcolor=green align=center>$($CDriveAsPercent)</TD>"

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Sunil Chauhan
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It doesn't require to put a bracket when the drive is greater than 80% so remove the same.

if((($Entry.CDrive) -ge 80) -or (($Entry.CDrive) -eq 100))

replace with

if (($Entry.CDrive) -ge 80)
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Ok, but wil that solve my problem?
yes this should solve the problem.
Don't get that, if the value is gt 80 ... then the -or doesn't matter indeed but why would it be the root cause?
-or (($Entry.CDrive) -eq 100) this piece of code is unnecessary, other than that I do not see anything else to be problematic.
Ok, but I do not see it as problematic on itself.
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Ben Personick (Previously QCubed)
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