How to create a shortcut on windows 7 PC for  for the application that is installed on Win2012 server.

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We have a windows 2012 application server in our network and have a shared drive called "G" and normally we install applications on this drive and this drive gets mapped for our users.

Now I have been given an application and when installing this application on this Windows 2012 server and it defaults to
C:\Program Files (x86)\Pearson\AdministratorDashboard
I wanted to change the default path to “G” drive and it doesn’t allow to change the path and says cannot change the path.

So installed this application on the default path.Now the shortcut for this program has be installed on the servers desktop. When I execute the shortcut the program opens successfully.
Only the exam officer needs access to this application .Is there a way to create this shortcut on windows 7 PC for  point to this server.

Any help will be great.
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1. On the server, share folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\Pearson\AdministratorDashboard

Be sure to give that user appropriate rights. Start with Read and Execute rights.
If needed later, give Change/Modify rights.

2. On Windows 7, browse to shared folder.

3. Make shortcut of program name that starts program.
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You can deploy shortcuts via GPO preferences. See shortcut creating in this article

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