Outlook 2013: One paticular cached email is crashing outlook.

Good Afternoon,

Our environment consists of 60 windows 7 professional user workstations all using Outlook 2013 (v15.0.4971.1000) 32-bit. We have 2 Exchange servers both are Enterprise v15.0 (Build 1156.6) 64-bit.

All workstations are using exactly the same configurations for Outlook as these are being locked down by GPO.

All users are experiencing an issue where when they send or reply to an email to one particular user in the company, Outlook will crash. Any other user they send an email to works fine. It’s just this one users email address who is causing a problem.

Up until 2 weeks ago all users were using Outlook 2010 on their workstations and were experiencing the same issue. We figured that the upgrade to Outlook 2013 would resolve this problem, but after updating everyone we realized this was not the case. As the issue remains in Outlook 2013 for this individual.

We have been able to get around the issue by instructing our users to delete the cache for that one particular user each time and typing the email address in manually and then the email will send without issue to that user. But they must do this each time as the cache is saved again once the email sends to that user.

cached email address
We have attempted to delete all cache with no change to the issue. Even a newly built machine with a fresh copy of Office 2013 experiances the issue.

The email address for this user works when it’s is typed in manually, it seems that the cache of this particular address is not caching properly causing Outlook to crash.

This particular user is experiencing no issues whatsoever while using outlook to send and receive emails. However if she sends an email to herself using her cached email address, Outlook will crash, if she types it in manually after deleting the cache as seen above, she will receive the email without issue.

Disabling the cache altogether for users is not an option.

Is there a way to fix this without disturbing the mailbox for this user or recreating the account?

Kindly advise.

KevinInformation TechnologyAsked:
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Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Check in 2 Exchange servers to see whether there is any server-side mailflow rules in relation to the said cached email address.

It is likely that there is the mailflow rule is no longer valid and has caused a crash in Outlook 2013.
KevinInformation TechnologyAuthor Commented:
@Jackie Man: We only have about 10 rules in total for the server-side mailflow. I've reviewed them and none relate to the problemtatic email address.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Check event viewer and post back the error.
KevinInformation TechnologyAuthor Commented:
OK so spoke with Microsoft this morning. The issue was that one of my arbitration mailboxes, specifically the server OAB was partially corrupt. Microsoft said that the reason for the hang/crash of outlook on the users workstations was that outlook was using the cached address to search within the OAB and because it was corrupt would eventually crash Outlook.

We still don’t know why only one email address was being affected though, as all addresses should have been affected.

They had me generate a new OAB on the server, then force exchange to update the OAB for the clients, this in turn corrected the issue.

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KevinInformation TechnologyAuthor Commented:
@Jackie Man, while you did not provide a correct solution, I do appreciate the attempted assistance and this is why I am awarding points to you.

Thank you so much.
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